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Nouvelles photos de Robert Pattinson durant l'avant-première de The Lighthouse - TIFF 2019

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Robert Pattinson participera au gala de The Go Campaign à Los Angeles le 16 Novembre 2019

En tant qu'ambassadeur de l'association, comme chaque année, Robert participera au gala annuel de The Go Campaign qui se déroulera le samedi 16 Novembre 2019 à Los Angeles. Cette année, il co-présentera de nouveau le gala avec l'actrice Lily Collins. 

Nouvelle photo de Robert Pattinson posant avec une fan à Bombay - Le 19 Septembre 2019

10 years in the making. . For those of you who know me, know I love Robert Pattinson. I always thought I’ll fly down to the states once and catch him at one of his movie premieres or talk show appearances some years down the line, but I never expected that he would beat me to it and come down to my city! It’s been a wild goose chase this whole week, trying to find him. He waltzed in through the corridor, and I had to catch him as he was about to walk out the door. I was in shock and paralyzed. I told him I had been one of his biggest fans for almost 11 years now. He cocked his eyebrows and said ‘Oh yeah?” and gave me a HUGE smile. We took the picture and he had to leave for his shoot. He was all smiles, kinda shy, and super nice, like I’d always read about in countless fan interactions. He took a picture with my sister as well and we wished him luck on the filming, he turned around, said thank you and smiled again. . . What I couldn’t tell him was that my heart still flutters when I look at his picture, I’ve watched and read all his interviews, followed his career even after Twilight; I know what music he listens to, what books he reads, how his parents met, how elated I was when he was cast in Christopher Nolan’s movie and as the new Batman, and how I feel like I KNOW him. . I need to move abroad permanently so I can meet you more often and tell you all the things I couldn’t today. Your fangirl, for always. ❤️ #RobsOnePercent #FoundmyEdwardCullen #robertpattinson #tenet #christophernolan . (This was written keeping in mind that it’s gonna go up on fan websites, so please bear with me.)
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