jeudi 25 avril 2019

Nouvelle Interview de Robert Pattinson avec Financial Times

Rien de bien nouveau dans cette interview, donc pas de traduction :) !

Version anglaise :

"Robert Pattinson has learnt a skill that movie stars need to survive: the art of creating a sense of intimacy while preserving mystique. When I meet the 32-year-old British heart-throb he goes about this by downplaying his status as a serious actor. He giggles, vapes, roars with laughter and generally gives the impression of being a free spirit just surfing the waves of chance. When I ask how he leverages his star power, he says: “I don’t know how to wield it, really.

This is hard to believe. At the height of the international celebrity that followed his years as a sexy, tortured vampire in The Twilight Saga (2008-12) he developed a range of ruses for dodging the paparazzi — riding in car boots, swapping clothes with friends. He could easily have continued appearing in glossy lucrative blockbusters had he wanted to, simply by saying “yes” to offers such as the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey."

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